Elevator Aunty – A Short Snippet

Namaste Aunty

Fix Your Chunni

Ok. Thanks. Done. I like your sari. Here’s a smile.

Fix Your Chunni

Chunni looks perfect now. Have you seen my mother?

Stares at my toe nails, examining the contours of my non-existent nailpolish. Fix Your Chunni.

God what is your problem.

3 Additional rounds of stares for verification – top to bottom. Very Detailed & Shamelessly Judging. Nostrils flaring.

Who do you think you are? Future mother-in-law?

Walks out the elevator. No more scanning. Runs into my mom. “Oh Bhen!” Chunni drops.

Tries to pick up Chunni. Trips*

HAI Aunty, Fix Yo Chunni!

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