The Coffee Hut

When the Express A dumps you off downtown Brooklyn,

you walk a few blocks to this green coffee hut,

cramped with endless sugary goods and pre-lathered cream cheese bagels,

barely 6ft x 6ft with my favorite iced coffee – only $2.50.

The Spanish couple who work there religiously gift you with too many napkins,

their team work is A+, flawless, goals AF,

you, always constantly blowing your nose and being a clutz are thankful- it’s like they know your need for multiple napkins,

however some days there is another guest in that coffee hut,

a young man, probably early 20s who breaks the monotony,

he accepts your awkwardness,

from the time your dollar bill got stuck in between your fingers as you were trying to simultaneously grab your coffee and pay,

seemed like you were trying to do some cool magic trick for 5 minutes shaking your fingers free,

but you failed…

(a line of corporate slaves with a time crunch grunting behind you)

and the time you paid in only gold coins because that’s what the vending machine gave you the day before,

he simply laughs every time at these awkward encounters,

and every time you come his smile gets bigger from the customer before,

because there’s that mutual understanding,

that from both our mornings,

these awkward encounters allow us to smile before monotony takes up the rest of our days.

Sometimes its these small encounters you look forward to – not with your friends, significant others, family, but with complete strangers.

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