Thank you Meryl Streep

Thank You Meryl Streep

For reminding me of that post-election day commute to NYC, the feeling of walking through a real life Dystopia, pitch silence, the type you expect to see in movies but would never feel in real life.

You reminded me of my foolishness and laughter at his non-sense comments on twitter, thinking people actually thought he would be elected.  “Are people this dumb?” RT.

You reminded me of reality, most importantly – how the person in power “gives permission” to millions of Americans to behave in a particular way. He gave permission to mock the disabled, to encourage sexism, racism, and with a million other radical comments, permission to first most create and circulate fear.

You reminded the press of its responsibility to “safeguard the truth”. In a world of fake news, sensationalism, the hope for fair and accurate reporting needs to be renewed by journalists. As you said they need to “hold power to account”.

You gave everyone a call to action in those 3 minutes of your life time award speech to stay vigilant. With acceptance comes comfort and me like many had truly taken a back seat after the election.

We have elected a man who wants to make “America Great Again”, but cannot even respect America’s people. In 11 days he will take that presidential seat.

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