Get Out, The Movie – A Stroke of Genius

When Beauty and the Beast was sold out today I felt dismayed for a split second, but who would’ve thought that would be a blessing in disguise?  A friend and I went to watch Get Out instead.

One movie reminds you of your childhood, but the other sharpens your eye to existing narratives. You’ve seen racism, you might’ve experienced it, but sometimes its forms are not always obvious.

Get Out was laced with racial innuendos both obvious and some not as conspicuous. There is your typical historical look at white people dominating those colored (i.e vibes of a modern day plantation, colored people doing the chores, etc.). However, seeing the psychotic/fake girl friend separate her colored fruit loops from her glass of white milk and seeing Caucasian folks wear black because it is the new fashion was a different dive into racism. How about the mix of red and black as well? Creepy.

The movie makes you question if racial tensions in a mixed race couple are inevitable? It makes you question how many times you’ve looked at the societal/economic advantages one race has over the other, but how many times you forgot to see how those racist can both acknowledge the talents of those colored and still have the upper edge. Words mean nothing. (Um Donald Trump and immigrants? He acknowledges the talents of immigrants but attempted to ban immigrants twice. I don’t think I’ve heard a word about gun control and domestic terrorists.)

If you disagree with me on the racism part then I’m sorry you were brought up this way, where privilege has blinded you. Start questioning, now.

Anyways, we know racism exists, but the beauty of the movie is that it uses an temporary adrenaline rush to raise awareness. Hey if it takes a movie for all of us to feel the prejudice then that’s fine, because we acknowledge it but until it happens to us we can never feel 100% the way someone who deals with this prejudice on a daily basis can.  I’m South Asian, and although I might have experienced my own ordeal who am I to say my experience mirrors someone who is an immigrant or someone who is African American. There are similarities between all racial struggles, yet there are differences.  I think each deserves others to hear their story. I’m not saying a certain race is better than another or only a certain race is racist, but listening to the struggles of others is just as important as voicing your own. 

I also don’t know if hypnosis is real at that level depicted in the film, but the theme of hypnotism mirrors the media nowadays. There’s this major news network that regularly defends the current government (Not giving names, take a wild guess!) If I were an avid watcher of this major news network I would be conditioned to accept that the presidency is normal. We see the spotlight on Trump and his controversial actions, but it doesn’t mean we distract the attention also from the two African American girls (Shaniah Boyd and Winter Griffin) currently missing for days or the police violence that has been occurring. I don’t know about you but if it wasn’t for following Shaun King’s twitter account I wouldn’t have known about certain events.

I guess it just isn’t enough to say what is happening is stupid, we should question what we know and don’t. In the movie even the law enforcement individuals failed to act on the evidence that the missing  Andre Hayworth was found. Just goes to show sometimes those with the authority aren’t as clever in connecting the dots.

If I just look at Get Out as just a movie alone, I have to say it was excellent low budget film by Jordan Peele. It felt refreshing to watch something other than a cliche story of a child being possessed and killing off her family. Daniel Kaluuya’s acting was on point. I also loved the T.S.A best friend btw. He kept it real during the whole movie.

Definitely worth the watch.

(P.S. This is my opinion. I am entitled to state it. I do not mean harm/slander in voicing it. )

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