Your Summer Bucket List: Watch Younger

When your lifestyle centers around the hustle and bustle of a 8-5 corporate job and a million other commitments even spending time catching up on a favorite show can be a challenge.

If your friends are bugging you about watching Game of Thrones, that’s cool but before you do that take my recommendation and start watching Younger instead. This is the easiest 20 minute roller coaster ride of a show you’ll watch. It is a feel good show starring Sutton Foster (Liza) and Hilary Duff (Kelsey) that brews a story line of friendship, romance, and betrayal against a backdrop of hipster Brooklyn vibes.

There is your career – running that millennial imprint in a publishing company, there are your artistic yet eccentric best friends who pretend they have sound advice when they really don’t, of course your coffee shops with the aromas of flirtation, those banjo playing blue-grass parties, and not to mention the two men –  a decade apart in age, complete opposites who simultaneously capture your attention.

But more than anything Younger despite its name is a show that any viewer can relate to. It is a story of staying true to your identify despite the implications age may bring. It is a show that explores a 40 year old’s life disguised as a young woman in her early 20’s and the irony of it all. While Liza teaches us that age is a huge factor in shaping one’s personality and interests, she also shows that in the end age is only a number.

We can start following our dreams at any age despite our previous sacrifices. You may have a daughter in college but like Liza that may not stop you from pretending its only been a couple years since you graduated yourself. It’ll bring one thrill of a ride.

All jokes aside, however comical this may seem the root of all this is that sometimes its the risks we take that make our lives the most enticing.

It’s a successful feat to expose a viewer to a show with a plot maybe outside their life’s scope yet to attract them in a way where they can empathize so well with the characters. I think all of us have a Liza within us, and a Kelsey, Josh, Charles, Maggie around us. To see what I am talking about watch Younger Wednesday nights at 10 PM EST on TV Land.

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