The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK By Mark Manson (10 Key Lessons)

If you do want to give this book a shot, please get it via audible. My reason being is that this book is very candid and straight up with you and a narrator only adds to the fun of reading it. It adds humour.

To put it in perspective if I had a dollar for every time I heard F*CK I could have paid off my student loans.  

Anyhow, let’s cut to the chase. The main point of Mark Manson’s book is that he tells you you must take responsibility for all that has happened to you. At first I thought I was listening to a modern day Brahma Kumari reiteration, but by only a white guy. Mark Manson however doesn’t talk about Karma or how the universe conspires in your favor, he instead I think is more of a realist. He states hey you might be average but that is perfectly okay. There might be crappy things that have happened to you that may be partially your fault, but oh well take responsibility and move on. In fact it is the media’s domineering presence in our lives where we are overwhelmed into thinking if you’re not the best you are a failure. Even if you do fail its fine. Those who fail more are actually the ones most successful.

I could relate to this…

I’m often ambitious at times, but to be quite honest sometimes I just want to chill. It’s these thoughts in your mind that always tell you if you’re average you have accomplished nothing. Not that you shouldn’t try. Simply don’t stress.

10 Key Takeaways From the Book:

  1. If you dream too much. You just keep reinforcing you are not that. (hmm…)
  2. In today’s world we have thoughts about thoughts. If we are conscience of a situation and it gives us anxiety, suddenly we are anxious about our anxiety.
  3. If you feel like shit that’s fine. You can’t be happy all the time. Being happy all the time is a facade and those who claim to be are delusional. They’ll explode sooner or later. Not being happy is a signal for us to act and change things.
  4. “No matter where you go there’s a 500lb of dung waiting for you.” You just have to choose your problems. Sometimes we claim something’s a problem, but it’s really not. Often when we have no problems we create one so we have something to worry about.
  5. If we change our metrics for success then we’ll be happier. For instance, a band member was kicked out of Metallica before it became famous. The band member went on to form his own successful band with hundreds of thousands of fans. However even at old age this band member still felt depressed over his earlier rejection, and therefore despite being a millionaire with adoring fans he just focused on how he was never able to attain Metallica level success. (Stop comparing?)
  6. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Simplification makes us happy.
  7. Everyone suffers. Rich suffer because they’re rich. Poor suffer because they’re poor.
  8. Solving problems makes us happy. Action–>Inspiration–>Motivation
  9. Feeling part of something bigger strips us of our entitlement. Often those that feel entitled to success are less likely to achieve it. It’s usually those who enjoy the process and most people don’t expect to be successful become successful.
  10. Whether anyone realizes it or not you are great. Just know it.

I loved these key tips because often comparisons are inevitable. If someone gets promoted or gets publicity you often wonder wow am I doing something wrong? But the truth is your not. You are still okay.

I think several people believe in the law of attraction (Oprah, The Chicken Noodle Soup book founder, etc). Mark Manson, a realist states that Oprah and others will convince that you are destined for something bigger, but reality its you can be average and live a full-fledged life. It’s just interesting to note how his perspective is in a way different from other advice columns I read. It is worth everyone’s time. (4 stars as I felt some parts were repetitive).






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