Whisking Dawn

lilacs bloom in the middle of August their timing washes us with sinews of mountains we seek, it is in this time that gardens, too whisk dawn from the dust we sweep.

Hybridity in The God of Small Things By Arundhati Roy

One can argue that hybrid identities ultimately result from the failure of colonialism to “civilize” its others and to fix them into perpetual “otherness” (Loomba 145). The twins could have been similar to their uncle Chacko, an Oxford graduate, by continuously asserting their knowledge of English language and literature. However, neither twin celebrates entirely their English or Indian cultural influences. They simply read English literature to their elders when directed.

Cascade, A Poem

I was equivocating in days prior following the holy martyrs who had wept in times before me

The Rules Do Not Apply By Ariel Levy

If there was such a term called “book spirituality” it would refer to how the right books come into your grasp at the right times. If such a thing exists however call me a bookagnostic as I’ll never be able to provide evidence on how to distinguish between a mere coincidence and the work of a higher power.