When Breath Becomes Air By Dr. Paul Kalanithi

We become attached to Dr. Kalanithi’s quest to discover what ultimately makes human life meaningful? When you’re done reading the auto-biography, it is hard to take in the fact it was published posthumously.

Reading The Alchemist: It all started with a Podcast

I’m trying this new strategy of maximizing my time on long-distance trips or even when I’m simply waiting for a ride. Instead of listening to that Bleachers album on repeat I’ve started embracing those podcasts on my Iphone. (If you’re like me you always have that irrational fear that you’re not learning enough so podcasts are…

Unearthing Self

the mission of unearthing self brought a sensible irony within

5 Unconventional Bucketlist Date Ideas

It’s time to pass on those cliche restaurant pasta dinners and try something new! If you have a significant other or are just an independent person looking for some new adventures with friends, the ideas below are definitely worth a shot. Create a Cute, Historical Downtown Package I’m not talking about your college downtown area…